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The Kapok Tree Restaurant

The Kapok Tree Restaurant

The Kapok Tree Restaurant 1

Growing up in Florida, I used to be aware of the Kapok Tree Restaurant vaguely, but I never dined there because I never been to Clearwater. As I began collecting vintage Florida ephemera I kept sounding postcards of the restaurant that looked similar to a palace in Europe than any place I’d ever dined. And when I noticed photos on Flickr and found out the website dedicated to preserving the thoughts of the amazing place, it quickly made my set of places to visit in sunlight State. Unfortunately on your day I seen near Thanksgiving, it was not sunny, but that didn’t reduce the grandeur and opulence that were once one of this country’s leading rating institutions.

The website created by Ben Mancine is very comprehensive, if you’d like to know anything about the amazing place, the info online is already. The Kapok Tree Mall was over 300 feet long and featured Italian sculpture, gift shops, and the ticket booth where one purchased tickets for a ham, chicken, steak, or shrimp dinner. My visit to the website was unforeseen and I give thanks to my pal Simon for acting as chauffeur. The tree itself is huge and a powerful existence from the road still.

We have seen the North Gardens first where they were preparing for a wedding. Despite icky green drinking water in the Italian Fountains, the area appeared to be well taken care of pretty. Next we entered the Mall close to the ticket booth and were immediately overwhelmed at the scale of the area. Despite having musical instruments allover the area it is still a grand space. My immediate reaction was to regret that I had not seen it in its prime.

But I am still grateful it is basically intact. After wandering around that which was the Mall we ducked into the Gallery Room to marvel at the fantastic chandelier. A lot of the statuary light accessories, and interior adornment still stay and seem odd juxtaposed to the garish retail accessories of the music store.

Certain areas are shut to anyone but employees, but we poked our head into to see more amazing spaces, hidden from public view. Much of the building’s external is protected in beautiful wallpaper-like covering and there are still significant amounts of architectural details. We concluded our trip after exploring the West Garden beneath the canopy of the fantastic tree. I possibly could see thrilled snow birds in the 1960s just, lined up here to for a big family style supper in the grandest place they had ever set feet in. In the event that you get to be able to visit to pay homage to the remnants of the over -the-top mid-century dining experience, you should do it!

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