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Elegance And Beauty

Elegance And Beauty

Elegance And Beauty 1

Plum is such a great makeup color – be it for eyes, lip area, blush – plum flatters a variety of skintones! When it comes to makeup, plums can be cool-toned (and go with cool berry tones, hints of Burgundy, wine, and jewel-crimson). Plums can also use warmer skin tones (especially if it offers a golden/bronze undertone and compliments warm burgundy-brown and different shades of silver and eggplant). Breath of Plum Blush by MAC is one of my all time most liked blushes. It’s the perfect balance between a plum and a beige-pink and works effectively with a variety of lip colors: berries, pinky-plums, raspberry, smooth fuchsia, and gentle Burgundy tones.

If you’re searching for a more neutral plum blush tone without going for the ‘crimson streak over the cheek’ look, try ‘Breath of Plum’ – its subtle and very pretty! Julia Roberts that model look stunning with plum toned eye makeup. Prunella eyeliner by MAC is definitely a staple in my own makeup-bag – its not a plum color per se, but it compliments a great deal of plum and plum-brown shadows.

I absolutely love this liner! If you are looking for more of a true plum shade, I would recommend that you try ‘Perma Plum’ eyeliner by MAC! I tried to create a subtle plum-look for this picture – I’m putting on a neural grayish brown shadow called ‘Charcoal Brown’ by MAC on the lid and into the crease and lined my eye with ‘Prunella’.

I used the same cool brown shade to smudge the top liner (I needed to make a plum-brown color). I’m putting on ‘Breath of Plum’ on my cheeks and my preferred ‘Baroque’ lipstick by Chanel (which has plum-brown and red undertones). For the evening, I would totally play up this look by adding a more jewel like plum-purple color to the crease/outer corners and adding a fuchsia gloss to my lip area.

I wish I could keep in mind what lipstick that was! Plums and purples can be quite sexy for evening – don’t be afraid to use crimson, icy pink, and blue colors to go with the cooler plum shades. On this picture I used the eyeshadow ‘Swish’ – an icy-blue pink on my eyes, cheeks, and lips. I love playing around with different colors and mixing shades, Sometimes if you are after a certain color and you can’t think it is at the store, you need to generate it yourself! I am hoping you appreciated my little tribute to plum toned makeup.

Additionally, the elderly who’ve mobility issues or have trouble applying sunscreen to hard-to-reach areas of the physical body, such as the hip and legs and back, will benefit from sunscreen sprays rather than creams, lotions, and gels. Separating fact from fiction is important in choosing certain products often, or anything for that matter, and that’s also true regarding sunscreen. Fact: Up to 40% of the sun’s Ultraviolet rays reach the planet earth on a totally cloudy day.

People often spend whole days outside on cloudy days without sunscreen and experience serious sunburns. Fact: While there’s still plenty of debate about sunscreen and vitamin D deficiency – sunlight is an integral source of supplemented, after all – most dermatologists don’t think that there’s a relationship.

  • Make sure your gloss color matches your colors
  • Hair removal cream
  • Coffee Grinder/Pestle & Mortar Rosemary Extract/Vitamen E Oil
  • Douglas MacArthur
  • Professional Academic Help

You can also get vitamin D in a multitude of foods, of course. Fact: Men over 40 who spend a lot of time outdoors get the highest annual dosage of Ultraviolet rays. With an increase of people spending their leisure time outdoors, and living much longer, stopping skin damage is even more important.

The rights foods can improve your skin’s appearance, including that they prevent lines and wrinkles and protect against sun damage. Almonds – that are rich in supplement E, which helps prevent free radical harm that can lead to wrinkled and boring skin. Red peppers – Red peppers contain vitamin C, which produces collagen and protects against free radicals.