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Future Of CIO

Future Of CIO

Future Of CIO 1

1. Engage -both the employees and customers’ communication more seamlessly: business 2.0 tools are about cooperation and engagement truly, to stimulate more effective communication cross the boarder, and engender the collective knowledge. It more easily filled up the communication distance between business vs. IT, c-level executive vs. 6. Execute-the strategy and procedure with more collaborative and transparent way via open communication tools, with included GRC (governance, risk control, and conformity) technique & perspective. The future of enterprise is approximately executing better, faster, and cheaper.

It should be the employee’s direct supervisor plus an officer of the business. Look at your administrative and support expenditure Carefully. Look for positions that may be consolidated – two into one, three into two, four into three, etc. Find out if one administrative associate can support more than one person.

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  2. A summary of the expected responsibilities of the personnel
  3. Remove an official who is the qualifier (Responsible Managing Officer)
  4. Capital Formation

Look at departmental responsibilities, to find out if the department consolidation could reduce staff. Review every form and record in the business to see that are redundant or needless. Often you will find some that are no longer needed but are there just because they will always be there. Find out who is getting reviews that don’t really need to get them. Start a campaign to lessen the utilization of paper, printer ink, and other products at all known levels. Review internal policies, procedures, and controls to see if they are repetitive and efficient. Make sure they don’t really create unnecessary work. Make sure your fungible assets are adequately controlled.

This would include inventory, property, and supplies in storage space. Make sure your check stock is kept under lock and key which usage of bank accounts is restricted. It would be a good idea to have an older lieutenant review every invoice before it is paid or if the volume is too heavy place check them.

Require dual signatures on investigations over a quantity that is sensible for your business. Contact your professional providers. Negotiate with your accountant for a much better deal. It’s likely that after many years of memories you are paying more than you will need. Review your insurance coverage with your agent to make sure you aren’t over covered.

Bundle all your insurance needs into one deal and have the agent to get you three competitive quotes. Meet with your banker and ask how they may help you lessen your charges and fees. Consider switching banks if your existing bank won’t cooperate. Visit a cheaper credit credit card processor. Consider registering for a small business prepaid legal service. The programs are very realistic, have benefits for employees, and can save thousands of dollars should you instantly need legal help. Chances are you will in a down cycle. Take a look at how you are using technology. Are your systems offering you accurate information in a timely manner?

Are you using the internet to your fullest benefit? Do a web is had by you site that attracts repetitive visitors? Can your customers place orders through your web site or get answers to customer service questions? Are your business guidelines and methods available on your network? Are commonly used forms available on the network? Can the proper execution be completed online or do you have to print a difficult copy to use it?

Can appropriate employees access the network remotely? Do you have adequate network security? Are you using VoIP to lessen your telecommunications expense? Are you getting the best possible deal from your ISP? How from your mobile supplier about? When was the last time you got a competitive estimate on these ongoing services? Used technology can offer huge cost savings and increases in efficiency properly. Used it can be a huge cost center incorrectly.