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A Word About Bees And Winter

A Word About Bees And Winter

A Word About Bees And Winter 1

We are excited about our hives and beekeeping equipment are in such demand! Wow, and what excites us even more is that many of our new customers are new to beekeeping! Honeybees are going to make a come as more and more people begin to keep bees back! Today, morning record and built 42 deep and medium supers my father-in-law broke his. He hammered 1004 nails!

Sheri and I are regular folks, who began keeping bees as a hobby and eventually found it to be so enjoyable and rewarding that it turned into a business. However, to be honest with you, we are a mom and pop operation. So when you call in, you’re either get mom or pop! We’ll treat you prefer a family and do our far better reply to your questions and help you in any manner we can.

If you ever stop by, you’ll find me in a flannel t-shirt with old blue jeans spotted with real wood glue and color. We’re just hard-working people. And we appreciate your business. Although we are always learning increasingly more about beekeeping, we’ve discovered a lot over time. So, these lessons are FREE, a present from us for you, so that you can avoid the mistakes that we made and get off to an easier start keeping bees hopefully.

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Back in 1994 once I started my first honeybee hive, I didn’t know what I was doing and had nobody to speak too much about any of it. I had been lost and made huge errors. So, there is a friend in us! In today’s lesson, you want to offer you an annual calendar of what we should think you should be doing as a beekeeper each month and a summary of what your bees are doing.

This can vary greatly slightly because of the variant in climates, but you can make the modifications appropriately. JANUARY AS WELL AS THE BEES: The bees are in a tight cluster staying warm and consuming hardly any food. On times when the wind flow is relaxed and the temperatures rise above 40, you’ll probably visit a few bees traveling out going for a cleansing flight.

Since bees do not go to the bathroom of their hive, they fly from warm days which is called a cleansing air travel. Winter bees live a little much longer than summer bees but keep in mind, bees live brief lives. A lot of your bees will pass away through the winter, from old age just.

When bees die during the winter, they fall to underneath of the hive. In the summer, die bees are carried beyond your hive by their sisters immediately. But, in the winter, when the hive is clustered, the dead bees accumulate on the bottom board. On warm days, other bees may try to pull out their dead sisters. When snow covers the bottom, you will notice more dead bees around your hives. This is normal. Don’t panic!