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How Bill Skarsgard Lost Weight For ‘Castle Rock’ Role

How Bill Skarsgard Lost Weight For ‘Castle Rock’ Role

How Bill Skarsgard Lost Weight For ‘Castle Rock’ Role 1

“I needed to lose excess weight because I wanted the type to be more gaunt and ghostlike and malnourished and appearance weak,” Skarsgard, 27, told Us Weekly specifically at NORTH PARK Comic-Con. “I basically did the Keto diet. You enter ketogenesis and you take in a lot of extra fat no carbs just. I quickly lose weight. Before scenes, I would not drink water or eat for 24 hours. It does a complete lot … It changes that person.

I think it performed real well in to the role. He also observed that during filming, he did have to cheat times – and there was one meal he couldn’t wait around to have after they covered. “We shot a scene in the shower at the stops five. Though it was an event one, we shot while shooting shows five so I’m like, ‘Well f-k, I have to stay skinny all the real way up to the point,'” Skarsgard explained. “I didn’t eat for 24 hours. The day before, a day before that, I needed like, a salad and didn’t drink any water. So I was f-king parched and slim. That day of shooting Then after, I needed a beer and burger.

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