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2019 BAcon Conference In Las Vegas + Mandalay Bay Hotel

2019 BAcon Conference In Las Vegas + Mandalay Bay Hotel

2019 BAcon Conference In Las Vegas + Mandalay Bay Hotel 1

We could have found its way to Vegas on Thursday night and got a good night’s rest before the start of conference on Friday afternoon. Each day from our trip which I was simply unwilling to do But that could have intended shaving. With Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande headlining the iHeartRadio concert next door at the MGM, Friday evening Vegas had been humming by early. The check-in line at the Mandalay Bay was long incredibly, but luckily we were able to use the Invited Guest line which helped decrease the wait time.

We going up to your room on the 33rd floor, so that as the champion of the charity public sale, I have been improved to a suite at the ultimate end of the hall. We were both physically and mentally exhausted at this time, and with jet lag coming down on us such as a ton of bricks, I threw my bags down and jumped on the couch for an instant nap. Before laying down, I took a full minute to admire the gorgeous desert clouds and airport runway views from the room. It has been at least 5 years since I’ve stayed at the Mandalay Bay and have to say that the hotel is starting to show its age.

The suite is approximately 40% larger than a standard room, and in the middle of the available room was a big couch where I curled up for my afternoon nap. The king bed was very comfortable, although it had a huge wooden frame that stuck out far beyond the mattress and was obscured by the bedding.

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You probably know where this is going. I’m still putting on the marks of two shin-splintering occurrences that left me squealing in pain. The toilet featured double vanities along with a huge soaking tub. The toilet is in another room next to the sinks which is great for privacy, but unfortunately the hotel decided not to put any kind of ventilation in there.

With all the wear-and-tear that Vegas hotels get, they tend to age group in dog years. Overall, we had a enjoyable stay here, but compared to its newer counterparts like the Delano and SLS, the Mandalay Bay is a step and we’d choose to remain elsewhere next time below. I will not cover the BAcon conference itself in much detail, however in case you’re interested here’s the agenda. It had been also great to meet Randy and the rest of the homely house of Miles folks, also to networking and speak to many of my bellow BoardingArea and Prior2Boarding bloggers.

And say what you would about this business, but they know a plain thing or two about building readership and producing traffic, and were more than pleased to share tips. The evening occasions were the best part since afterall we were in Vegas, baby! With back-to-back evenings of open bars, you better think that was like a scene from “Bloggers Gone Wild”. As for myself, I’d class my Vegas performance as a good F considering that I was asleep by midnight due to plane lag, and didn’t spend any time at the craps furniture.

The first night time, we headed to the Linx for a ride aboard the High Roller, which provided some of the best views you can find in all of Vegas. The next night’s event was managed at the Mix Bar at the Delano Hotel, after which we joined a couple of others for dinner at Burger Bar back at Mandalay Bay where I was able to order the best Nutella milkshake. Being aircraft lagged, we were up at 5AM each morning which left plenty of time to kill before the conference’s 9AM start.