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Younique Presenter Levels And Commissions

Younique Presenter Levels And Commissions

Younique Presenter Levels And Commissions 1

Wholesale Sales: 75% of Retail Sales. Launched in Utah with a sister and sibling, Younique is a direct sales company that offers naturally-based makeup, skin care, and cosmetics – direct to its customers. The Younique products are not sold in virtually any stores. Blogs or LinkedIn such as this one! The presenter is paid their commissions approximately three hours after every sale through their website.

Younique’s settlement plan includes a colourful-tiered-ladder of eight levels – starting with White and going completely up to the very best place which is Black Status. This post shall format the eight-Younique presenter levels, and the fee levels of each known level. We never earn much more than 30% commissions – that’s the Max for Younique presenters.

Every Younique presenter begins earning 20% payments from day one. That’s amazing isn’t it? It’s so fun to get those payment notifications like clockwork! 1000 or roughly £690 (depending on exchange rate), you shall become a Yellowish level presenter. You reach Yellow all on your own sales – and can take so long as you need to reach it. Unfortunately, you can’t move up passed Yellow until you begin to build a team.

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So if you have no curiosity about recruiting associates, you will only ever reach Yellow and never have the ability to exceed that. But if you are doing want to progress in the ladder, then your next stop after Yellow will be Pink. To reach pink you have to sell 250 PRS personally – plus you as well as your company must sell 2000 PRS (you can certainly do that all on your own or with your team), and lastly you will need one qualified presenter. A professional first level presenter is someone who has sold their 125 PRS that month.

So on a monthly basis that you hope to hit Pink, you must do that PRS amount, have a professional presenter, and sell at least 2000 in company-wide sales. Younique Blue status is double that of Pink effectively. You need to market your own 250 PRS still, however your sales need to be 4000-Company Wide Sales, and this time you have to have two qualified first-level presenters. Younique Green status is the next level up the Younique presenter ladder.

Sadly (for me personally in any case), it’s not merely increase the Blue numbers, it’s a lot more than that! Fortunately, that now you’re making 30% commission rates on sales – which is the top level a Younique presenter can make in commissions as I mentioned above. To attain Green level with Younique, you will need to personally sell 500 PRS, your business must sell 10,000 PRS (that’s about £6950!! at this time) and have three qualified first-level presenters. This is where I’ve always started to get totally confused, I’ll be honest with you. Wholesale amounts are calculated at 75% of the Personal Retail Volume of all commissionable sales. Rising up from the Green level status, it’s up now to Orange level.

To reach Orange level with Younique, you need to sell the same 500 PRS as the previous Green stage, but as an organization you must have 20,000 in company-wide sales. Again, three experienced first-level presenters, 4000 circle wholesale sales, and 1 first era elites. So someone in your company needs to strike green before you can promote up. Man that’s a doozy – for me.