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Kim’s County Line

Kim’s County Line

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With only a couple of little while before the start of 2019-20 school 12 months time for the holiday is fleeting. But here’s another Kansas Staycation that provides a lot of fun the following inside our own backyard. We went early in the summer with the girls and Jill, and I’ve put together the photos plus a rhyming story into a keepsake reserve for both Kinley and Brooke.

Come along for a visit to the Rolling Hills Zoo near Salina! Each day among creatures: Just what a fun thing to do! Grandpa says maps make the go to a snap. Grandpa says maps help to know when and where. Kinley consulted the map with great care. Grandma says apples don’t fall definately not the tree. I assume that she’s speaking ’bout him and ’bout me!

But still their acquaintance, we surely did meet! In a single-hidden nest, a tag was still left by a mom. Some eggs she had laid were tucked into a nest. Keeping our distance surely was the best! The butterflies, too, missed a spot on the map page. Their airline flight among blooms appeared to be all the rage!

We had to try it: Would we go kaput? One-legged Even, we still can keep pace. Next stop on the outing was at a big pond. It appeared that an educational school of fish had been spawned. A quarter we paid, so we’re able to feed fish. It appeared that they liked it and found it delish! Big cats laid around; they were ready to sleep.

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Still they made not a peep. An excellent, long nap seemed a part of their plan. We quit and down the sidewalk we ran finally. This chimp was not sleeping; he was prepared to play. He threw that big drive at the windowpane screen! We were surprised, and we discrete a shout. We were sure hoping he could not away get! That big yellow disk gave him lots of good fun.

In his arms, on his mind, and he still wasn’t done. His orangutan friend didn’t make such a fuss. He stared and he gazed right at us. No antics for him. He made not just a sound – not one small percentage. A few we could ride, and we’d surely survive. Upon this big turtle we could hop surely.

More fun was to come: We weren’t prepared to stop. Our Grandma said she could understand that creature. On a previous visit, it was also an attribute. The eye and the head and the mouth for starts just! Within the building, we saw the real thing. It has quite a ring! Keepers had brought them some veggies to munch.

That is what tortoises like for their lunch time. They didn’t move fast; these were quite slow really. But when we watched them still, we saw that they’d go. They live long, long lives – up to 100 years. However, extinction was quite dread once. Sichuan Takin was another animal’s name. A most interested creature we would proclaim likely! Appears like you girls are displayed!

Granted, marrying a man from an entirely different culture and religion is not an easy thing to do – and that makes it work is even harder. Your choice to leave my country, my children, my home, my religion, and a lot of my freedoms had not been an easy one to make. What has made the changeover easier is how warmly my child and I have already been welcomed into Adnan’s family.