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Intermittent Fasting: 9/1/12

Intermittent Fasting: 9/1/12

Intermittent Fasting: 9/1/12 1

I acquired a comment from a reader who wanted to learn about medical advantages of intermittent fasting. Most of us focus on the weight results but of course there are significant health benefits as well for someone who has no weight to lose. Below are some links to great content and research about the ongoing health advantages of intermittent fasting. I strongly suggest everyone watch the BBC Documentary in the first link.

It is on You Tube and is a superb example of the types of health improvements that fasting can produce from an extremely reliable source, the BBC, British Brodcasting Corporation. It is very entertaining and well put together. He is on NO medication, which is incredible for his age group. There’s a ton of research that shows that CR has significant health benefits and can significantly increase your lifespan. I’ve seen some significant health advantages Individually. I have been a yo-yo dieter always.

Gaining and losing large amounts of weight is very difficult on your body. Finally my own body chose it couldn’t take it any longer and I had to have my gaul bladder removed. Gaul bladder episodes, excruciating! I suffered for several weeks, in and from the emergency room, before anyone place it collectively that this young woman experienced gaul rocks! I had raised chlesterol and blood sugar numbers as well that was contributing to this.

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So, after my gaul bladder was removed, my doctor would regularly monitor my figures to ensure that I didn’t get in the danger zone again. About 6 months after I began intermittent fasting as a lifestyle, I proceeded to go for my normal check at the doctor up. He was astonished at the change in my own numbers.

I informed him what I have been doing and he was very interested. He said that he doesn’t normally see that kind of improvement without the use of medication. I have his blessing to keep what I am doing and he could be always interested to see where I am at health wise when I go for my yearly checkups.

I also have seen significant improvement in the fitness of my pores and skin. I used to have extreme ache on my face and on my shoulders and spine. It was a continuous thing that could increase or decrease in waves. Since I began ago fasting almost three years, I’ve not experienced any ache at all. It offers vanished and came back never. I see improvements in my immune system also.