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I am excited for makeup academy’s new product NAIL CONSTELLATION! It really is a new craze in nail artwork which is 3 dimensional. I’ve first heard of Ciate’s Caviar Manicure which was really interesting. However, the purchase price was a downer. £18.00 for me is absurd for a nail set, which would only chip away in a few days. MUA has now exposed their new product that I am worked up about.

I experienced like before I got through the first coating, nothing was on my brush when I tried to use it even! But now, it is something that I use once I am not contouring and just need a small amount of tan on my face. And last, of the month is the excess Dimensions Skin finish by Macintosh in Fairly Precious but probably my top favorite. This. Color. Is. To. Die. For. It’s a rose gold, shimmer but not beautiful chunky highlighter that I take advantage of as a blush sometimes or alone as only a highlight. Along with the Revlon Photoready Skinlight, this will definitely be a huge part of my makeup routine this springtime and summer season for it’s beautiful shimmer and delicate glow. Tell me if you have used any of these products! I love hearing from you!

It’s worthy of noting that the cover on The Healthy Foundation continuously broke and splintered off as I worked well through the bottle, which made this miserable to use. I can see both of these products working for people with skin types that are different from mine, but I shall not repurchase. If you’ve been a longtime reader of my blog, you’ll know that is my all-time favorite foundation.

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Truthfully, I would be happy to utilize this basis rather than even try another one just. But, this foundation shade range is unacceptable, and I cannot support it. Until recently, there have been only four shades in this range, and none of them were dark for deep epidermis tones enough.

The range has expanded to 12 tones, but seven of these are meant for light skin, three for medium skin, one for dark, and one for deep. So, though the range is slightly better even, it skews too seriously toward light epidermis still, which is not something that I am comfortable supporting. To displace this, I have lately purchased the Fenty Beauty Profile’s base and I really like it absolutely.

I consumed a few primers during this project, and I think that one is good value for the money. I liked it as much as the Make Up For Ever mattifying one just and think it offers generally similar leads to the Hourglass Mineral Veil. I didn’t love it, however, and I’ve found other primers that I love more.

I experienced three primer examples, so I used them all up in this project. Fenty Beauty Pro file’s Instant Retouch Primer: I hated this primer. It was impossible to pump (but that that is the sample), the smell was off-putting, and the structure was very waxy and thick. It clung to the foundation and my Beauty Blender-making it impossible to wash-and I did so not like the results on my face.

Becca Blurring Primer: I also hated this primer. I left out a powdery residue on my fingertips and face after application, and I found it didn’t work very well with my base. Becca Backlight Primer: I’ve purchased this before, and didn’t care for it or notice any difference with it, but it looked absolutely beautiful with the Fenty foundation. I am currently using the Australian Gold mineral-tinted sunscreen as a primer, and I love that, but I could see myself buying the Becca Backlight soon again.

This is my all-time favorite eyes primer and one that I will continue steadily to repurchase. I’ve finished several bottles of this primer, and I’ll continue to repurchase it. I haven’t tried too many mascara primers, but I loved that one. I use it with Benefit Bad Gal Bang mascara, and the consequences are liked by me of it.