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This Fitness Challenge Actually Works, So You Can Start 2019 Strong

This Fitness Challenge Actually Works, So You Can Start 2019 Strong

This Fitness Challenge Actually Works, So You Can Start 2019 Strong 1

It’s the new year, which means New Year’s resolutions. If you’re like us, then you’re probably looking to get healthier and more powerful. If you are also like us, then you might have made the same pledge in years past, only to battle to make it possible. In 2017, however, that’s all heading to improve. If something is broke, you GOTTA fix it, so we’re going for a new method of healthier eating, smarter (and more fun) exercising and cleaner living. STRONGer2017 task – and we’re recruiting one to sign up for us.

It’s all about strength in quantities! Well, it’s all about living a healthier lifestyle, building power over time, exercising smarter and actually having fun while carrying it out. The workout that sits (or maybe runs) in the center of the challenge is STRONG by Zumba. Let’s just get this taken care of: STRONG by Zumba is nothing beats the Zumba classes it’s likely you have taken in days gone by.

It’s a fresh high-intensity interval training (HIIT) program that only uses your weight to provide a full cardio and strength-training program. Aside from helping you drop weight and shade areas of the body like your guts and stomach muscles, HIIT workout routines “burn up more calories from fat than traditional workouts, after the workout especially,” based on the American College of Sports Medicine. Quite simply: They deliver better results. STRONG by Zumba is reverse-engineered to music mixed by makers like Timbaland also, meaning every lunge, purple, and squat is synchronized to original music that was created to force you further literally.

  • YOUR Personal Training
  • One of the greatest hazards of dieting is losing muscle mass along with fat
  • 1 lbs Bocconcini (those bite-sized fresh mozzarella balls)
  • Bodybuilder Lunch Classic
  • Having a larger than average baby which increases the child’s risk of carrying excess fat later on
  • Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts – New York
  • Increased resting heart rate (>5 beats each and every minute), as measured very first thing in the morning

Two words: mass keen. And here’s where you come in. Training, eating healthier, living better – you are wanted by us to do all this with us. Remember that strength in numbers thing? Yeah, we weren’t kidding around. Join us to make 2017 the year we ACTUALLY achieve our fitness goals (and never have to die just a little inside every day).

We’ll be here along the way, writing our improvement and goals and offering tips and tricks from exercise and diet experts. It’s time to kick start your year with this two-month program that’s specifically made for busy Millennials. STRONGer2017 resolutions. Check them out, make a dedication to stick with it and join Elite Daily as we start this year off on the right feet. Plus, after 2016, things can only get better, alright? Invest in not flaking.

Let’s face it: You could do the most intense, muscle-crushing, sweat-dripping workout on the planet, a month but if you merely do it once, you’re not going to visit a difference in your fitness level. Don’t do it alone. Working out by yourself is sad just, simple and plain. There’s nobody to commiserate with from then on tenth push-up or to laugh with when you trip over yourself mid-routine. But working out with a friend – or better yet, friends!

– gives you a dose of much-needed accountability: It’s 100 times harder to flake on a workout when your BFF is stalking you with those non-stop “Where TF are you? So, whether it’s your co-worker, your spouse or a random passerby on the street recruit a challenge-buddy to perspire alongside you on your journey to fitness Nirvana.

Don’t neglect your daily diet. This one’s major. Despite the fact that we’ll obviously be killing our workout game throughout this challenge, that doesn’t entitle us to begin eating like garbage. Since we realize that training isn’t as effective if it isn’t in conjunction with a conscious diet, we’re investing in eating better – a subject we’ll explore in-depth during the month of February. But prior to going into full-on anxiety setting and purge your kitchen of most ordinary things delicious, hear this: A healthy diet plan does not have to mean an extreme one.

Cheat days are a-okay in our book – in the same way long as you do not let them get the best of you. Make little changes to improve your current well-being. Exactly like fitness is not only about looking hot in spandex, overall health encompasses way more than just eating clean and sticking to your fitness regimen.