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‘Home Is Where The Art Is’ (Episodes 6-10)

‘Home Is Where The Art Is’ (Episodes 6-10)

Home Is Where in fact the Art Is – needs a makeover! I’m actually quite engaging in it as a program – partly because it offers a genuine insight in to the explanations why people commission rate artwork. However I’m not getting much better at guessing which artists your client will choose. Nor training why they love artwork which I think is awful! That said there is some excellent artwork on last week’s programmes – however, not all of it ended up in the clients’ homes.

This is how the BBC represents the programme. Rather than investing in ‘off the shelf’ parts from the high street this series will show how accessible and easy it is to payment local artists to generate beautiful, unique art for the real home. As last week, links to websites and key social media are given.

If the website has a commissions web page this is included. Every artist showing up on television should have one of the for the local paper and other relevant journals. Sarah Cross (Winner) – teacher and textile musician located in Marlborough, Wiltshire. Specialises in multimedia pieces, predominantly using textile techniques. She has a qualification in Fashion Textiles from Plymouth University and some impressive clients and used to be always a television presenter. Hearing the news headlines that the client shall take both pieces!

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Outcome: Purchased A paper solid of the low-relief model of the front of the Red Fort in Jaipur, with coloured hand-made paper inserts. Celia Burbush (Winner) – Professional painter and fine designer with wide-ranging practice. Located in Corckermouth in Cumbria. THE ENTIRE YEAR 2017 Cumbrian Designer of. Featured in Tatler, GQ, World of Interiors, and Cumbria Life Magazine. Coverage on BBC Radio Cumbria, BBC Look North.

Commissions – her welcome page has fine detail for potential commissions (starting at £600) – slot machines are bookable (and she actually is booking into 2020! 25% deposit is necessary. From Buenos Aires, Argentina – based in Chester now. She’s a with 1st Class honours degree in Graphic Design from University of Belgrano, Buenos Aires.

Also works with businesses on branding and advertising. BBC’s new series Home is Where in fact the creative artwork is. A frequent reason for a commission is to provide a permanent memory of the loved on who has been lost. David O’Brien – Mosaic manufacturer. Started making mosaics after a trip to Barcelona and seeing Gaudi’s work. Born in Liverpool and residing in Bickerstaffe in rural Lancashire now.

Fanny Gogh (WINNER) – . Interestingly one of the the artists acknowledged on the iPlayer site can be an artist who decreased out. If they substituted a name they omitted one of the artists who continuing then! I was really surprised they didn’t go for the resin artist given the person of the home was a geologist. Bee Weir – glass worker. I cannot find something about her online.