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Because The Global World Has Ignored Them

Because The Global World Has Ignored Them

The question this is what are the moral values that we should adopt in order to live effectively and happily in the present day money society that we have today. Because of the vagaries of the world, humbleness is the best insurance since when your good fortune is down indeed the help is needed by you of your neighbors, and vice versa. In modern society, where Adam Smith announced way back when that a very important thing to squeeze the best out of the best in society is competition. Where means, give everyone to be able to show off and be the best.

The world desires to know who is the best – the fastest runner, the strongest weightlifter, the richest person, the richest company, the best technology company, the best car manufacturer. Today’s world is a global, where everybody is the unique (hence the body tattoo) and the best in whatever little market they have a decision to opening themselves in.

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  4. Financial services (illustrations: banks, insurance firms)

This is basically because in a competitive environment, you have to get the odd little space that is empty and you make an effort to fill it in and capture a location in the occupied market. Today’s world is forgetting about dependent on the natural environment (though ultimately it must still do); it is dependent about how much money you have. As Joan Collins stated recently, to really have the f— you money, so that you do not have to kowtow to anyone any longer.

With money and prosperity in your brain, everybody is out to kill your competition and be the only person left position (ask Bill Gates). So, for the ordinary person in his little abode of whatever kind he and his family have been able to end up (read her as well, especially the solitary mom), how is he heading to behave. Worse in a culture of discrimination still, where sections of culture are either put in four or being overlooked, the beliefs that are being germinated are completely strange now.

Among the well-to-do in favor, they may be privileged and therefore everything deserved to go to them. Among the not-so-well-to-do in favor, they are being caught in the twilight zones as they can not cry that they are in trouble nor can they state they are inadequate. Among the well-to-do being ignored, they are really not being ignored but courted because they know how to make things happen and everyone love them.

Among the no-so-well-to-do being ignored, they are in underneath rung of the public ladder, their parents actually sacrificed their own lives to give a basic platform for his or her children to have a first step up. Those who can’t resign themselves to destiny, abandon the formal culture and enter the world where no laws apply. As the world has ignored them, they in turn ignore the world.