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Bob Wheel And Duggan Of Life

Bob Wheel And Duggan Of Life

Recently I had been going through the quora hosted by Bob Duggan. He answers questions on many things: on education, on business and several others. The very first thing that impresses me is the simplicity with which he handles the question. Once you go through the answers of Bob Duggan you instantly feel yes, this is the answer, the most appropriate solution. He could be honest at exactly the same time.

For example, when someone asked if a university degree was necessary to be successful in business he answers in negative and adds in a matter-of-fact way that he hadn’t one. This simplicity and credibility can be seen in every aspect of Bob Duggan’s life. When he discusses plans in life he could be very focused in his priorities.

When asked by a reader on seeking his sports activities skill versus the IT job he has adopted, Bob Duggan clearly says it is not possible for us to pursue only the passion in life always. If he has some responsibilities to fulfill he’ll have to concentrate on the job and make the experience enjoyable.

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Probably he can begin a business relating to his enthusiasm. He himself has great love for sports activities but, of the day at the end, he operates a pharmaceutical company. Again, when asked by someone if he could pursue physics when he failed double for his PhD, what Duggan says is very important: he says, it generally does not require a little bit of paper to work on physics.

Thinking from the box is what makes a person glimmer above others. Bob Duggan’s life can be an example of it and he dares to talk about it with others. When he had taken over Pharmacyclics it had not been doing well. Clinical trials undertaken by the business failed and the business was missing a reliable leadership at the top.

Bob Duggan took a dynamic view, persuaded everyone to take to something new when a project had not been working and then committed to something else that finally paid off. Imbruvica occurred and it became a highly effective treatment for persistent lymphocytic leukemia. Now his desire is to develop some other patient friendly drugs. It is his attitude towards human life that drives him to address conditions that are for the advantage of all of humanity.