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Confessions OF THE Makeup Shopaholic (:

Confessions OF THE Makeup Shopaholic (:

Today I’ve a review for you of Avon Magix face perfector which is actually a face primer. I’ve been trying it quite a while now. This face primer has a semi heavy persistence, white colour and an awful smell! This was the very first thing that really bothered me, I can’t explain the smell but it is veeery bad.

You get 30 ml of product and I believe I paid about 5-6€ for this, but the price changes through the catalogues. However, it’s still quite expensive for something that will not work. I believe it could work for individuals that don’t possess a very oily skin and very large pores. Unfortunately, I’m not one of these.

After the application form I don’t see any difference. My pores are still noticeable and my skin is still shiny. It didn’t even help me with foundation lasting longer. My estimation with this primer is very bad, it isn’t the right for me personally and I think it’s not appropriate for people with very oily pores and skin and large pores. Have you tried this? I want to know your opinion!

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