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Hack JUST LIKE A Pro: How To Remotely Install A Keylogger ON YOUR Girlfriend’s Computer

Hack JUST LIKE A Pro: How To Remotely Install A Keylogger ON YOUR Girlfriend’s Computer

Welcome back again, my greenhorn hackers! Several of you perhaps you have emailed me requesting whether it’s possible to install a keylogger on a victim’s computer using Metasploit. The answer is a resounding “YES”! So, by popular request, in this guide I’ll show you how to install a keylogger on your girlfriend, boyfriend’s, wife’s, or husband’s computer.

For those of you wondering just what a keylogger is, the simple answer is that it’s a piece of software or hardware that catches every keystroke and will save them for retrieval by you, the attacker. These types of devices have been used by hackers to capture logins long, passwords, social security figures, etc. Here we shall utilize it to capture the keystrokes of a cheating girlfriend. Turn up Metasploit and let’s begin. Like in my own last article on disabling antivirus software, I’m assuming that you’ve effectively installed Metasploit’s powerful listener/rootkit on the target system. You can even check my earlier Hack Like a Pro articles for a number of methods for getting it installed.

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