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Investing, Economics Mostly

Investing, Economics Mostly

Another thing is that the government does not seem to be always a good steward of our tax money. You don’t know how the amount of money gathered is spent and there seems to be no way to find out. My government authorities (Ontario and Canada) are intensely in debt which is an extremely bad thing.

However, it appears to be a global problem which is huge. I went to a lecture on paying fees in Ontario. There is only one person in the available room that do their own fees. Everybody else used a tax program or had someone else to do their taxes.

The lecturer said that the Canadian taxes code is so complicated that no one that he understands to understand all the tax code. He thinks it is impossible for just about any one person to understand our taxes code. My tax program produces 57 pages of data. I no longer print my taxes forms since it is 57 webpages. I get a PDF copy and have it on my computer and on a backup disk.

I have dividend income and some RIF income. I buy or sell anything seldom. I really do not do anything fancy whatsoever. It will not be that complex. To have 57 pages to fill out seem rather excessive to me. Friday, July 26, 2019 around 5 pm. This website is meant for educational purposes only and is not to provide investment advice.

I have three blogs. The first talks no more than specific shares and is called Investment Talk. The next one contains information on mainly investing and is called Investing Economics Mostly. My last blog is for my book reviews, which is called Non-Fiction Mostly. Follow me on Twitter. I am on Instagram.

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The way to obtain money dried up almost immediately whenever things started to look positive. The situation can be likened to a completely grown athlete looking to survive on the quantity of food designed for a newborn infant. It could give him the energy to perform a few paces enough, but he will collapse soon, and if he is kept on the dietary plan too long, he will die. The money was kept from the Gold Standard supply at an infantile level, so every natural, market-driven expansion collapsed violently, resulting in closed factories, lost jobs, and financial turmoil. THE FANTASTIC Depressive disorder sprang from the Gold Standard directly.

Roosevelt regarded this – as so many have failed to do since – and took drastic actions to rescue his nation, making gold illegal and loosing the national country from the deadly straitjacket of the Gold Standard. Those nations which stubbornly held onto the Gold Standard stayed in a state of poverty, misery, and feebleness far longer than the United States, while those that also cast off the Gold Standard recovered swiftly and robustly. From this, it can be seen that silver will never be made illegal as gold once was.