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Screw You Guys, I’m Going Home

Screw You Guys, I’m Going Home

Senator Tom Harkin has suggested the Rebuild America Act, which would, among other procedures, raise the minimum wage. Isn’t it about time we revisit the minimum wage. 15,080. Just do it. Try living on that for a season. Morgan Spurlock tried it for 30 days in his old TV show. If you never saw it, you missed an eye-opener.

Affording an apartment: In no condition in the U.S., people that have a higher minimum amount income even can a minimum wage employee afford a two-bedroom apartment at a reasonable market value working only 40 hours/week. Disproportionately women: 64% of minimum wage employees are women. Compare that to the percentage of women who are CEOs, at 4%. Something is wrong here.

Good for the overall economy: Minimum wage workers tend to spend their pay increases, because they have to mainly. Increases in the minimum wage are best for the economy. Majority big companies: Most minimum wage workers will work for big companies, who’ve reported record profit increases. The old canard that it could put mom and pop shops out of business is malarkey. More college educated: More college-educated folks make minimum wage than those who never graduated from senior high school. If you think minimum wage employees brought their troubles on themselves by falling away, you are wrong.

The more important questions are the ones that relate right to you as well as your career. Some of this means knowing what you want out of an agent or what you anticipate from an agent. Are you looking for a person who edits, who provides marketing guidance, who talks on the phone a complete great deal or prefers email communication? Thinking about what you would like within an agent can help you find the questions you will need answered.

Also knowing what you want from your job (crossbreed, traditional, book, hardcover, paperback, which houses, etc) will help you formulate questions. 3. Give a time frame. Assuming you have inquiries and partials or fulls out with other real estate agents, you will need to provide that first agent a timeframe for when you’ll receive back again to her.

I usually think 7-10 days is plenty of time. Anyone who can’t respond in that timeframe isn’t enthusiastic enough to want to work with you and, let’s face it, you want to get your career started so waiting around weeks and weeks isn’t beneficial to you. So inform the first agent that you do have other real estate agents considering your projects, but are certain to get back to her in the timeframe you’ve established. One little thing here.

I would suggest, if you have the opportunity, to always, always, always use this time to get as many agencies interested as it can be. The agent offering might have been the very best of your list, but that’s not often based on actually meeting and speaking with the agent. Speaking with other real estate agents will provide you with some known level of evaluation to learn if, yes, this agent continues to be the top of my list.

  • Focus within your boat
  • Iberia Plus award chart has Peak & Off-Peak
  • Ignore the various testing phases to keep every thing simple
  • Channel strategy, as the ecosystem broadens and audience/algorithms are ever-changing
  • Start a trade business
  • Providing realistic estimations,
  • Traditional consulting & transactional services – $150 p/h

4. Contact the rest of the agents who have your work. There could be some on that list you definitely want to speak to, there might be some you queried, but already know you aren’t thinking about any longer (this first agent would beat them without doubt). That’s fine. Knowing that is great. In any event contact all of them. For those agents you’d still like to use, email (or call) to let them know you come with an offer and give them a romantic date by which you will need to hear.

If you’ve given the first agent 10 days, you might want to give these realtors 7 which means you have time to cope with any longer offers that come in. If there are agencies on that list who you just know you aren’t that thinking about, let them know that you received an offer and you’re pulling your material from thought. That way they won’t read the submission unnecessarily and you’ve given up your time-slot machine (time the agent spends reading submissions) to some other author. If there are agents who you’ve only queried but still desperately have on your “A” list, email them.

A lot of that time period brokers get behind in questions so providing them with to be able to request and read the material only works to your advantage. 5. Await the offers to come in, spend some time talking to the agencies and revel in the trip. This is your time and effort as an author, your time to make some smart decisions, enjoy the competition for your time, and find a business partner who’s truly best suited for you.