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Seventeen Platforms Submit Data To Strategic Insight

Seventeen Platforms Submit Data To Strategic Insight

Table notesResearch partner Strategic Insight receives data directly from account managers covering 88 per cent of the retail market. Fund manager data is further enhanced and supplemented with platform feeds. The very best 25 fund managers take into account 87 per cent of retail assets under management and Strategic Insight received sales data from 22 of the investment houses.

Seventeen platforms submit data to Strategic Insight, including 16 at finance and intermediary level. The 17 platforms supplying data are: Aegon Wrap, Alliance Trust Savings, AScentric, Elevate, FundsNetwork, James Hay, Novia, Nucleus, Parmenion, Quilter Wealth Solutions, Raymond James, Seven IM, Standard life Wrap, Zurich plus Transact & Sterling. Figures with asterisks have been disputed by the companies in question. An incorrect problems body for Q3/Q4 2018 was cited in the initial publication for Lowes Financial Management.

That is, if you link up a chunk of your assets in just offshore accounts they are harder for your opposition to seize. This might not be considered a concern for everyone; but retain in mind it is more challenging for someone to freeze your accounts in a snap if they are sitting in international banks.

For long-term security, experts recommend keeping your account within an just offshore company and/or trust. Holding funds in these tools do not only give personal privacy. They can also offer significant legal protection if a court order demands repatriation of the money. This will likely come as no real surprise. It is becoming more and more difficult for Americans to create offshore accounts.

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This information is highly relevant. So, it is vital to ask an experienced professional for the best bank or investment company for you. That is clearly a service, our firm provides. We realize that banks will accept foreign clients. We are thinking about which banks we feel will be the strongest and safest and that offer the most attractive services. Availability for American clients.

Not all banking institutions still acknowledge American, European, and Canadian clients. Ability to open a merchant account remotely. There are some overseas banks that have options for clients to open accounts online or over the phone. Naturally, you’ll need to provide the lawfully required know-your-client documents also. Other banks require that you visit their bank or investment company to open up an account straight.