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So, What To Do?

So, What To Do?

So, dear audience, you want to learn how to react to overtures from Rex Tillerson and other fossil gasoline CEOs for you. It has certainly come up with the Democratic National Convention and with Democratic loudspeakers at media events held from the Atlantic, Washington Post, and Politico but sponsored by the American Petroleum Institute.

About as alarmingly, a similar thing occurred at the Republican convention, except the Atlantic “couldn’t find” people on the -panel who would signify weather change as real (apparently the other mass media sections at the RNC had the same problem). The Petroleum Institute got to make opening remarks and distribute propaganda at the occasions.

So, how to proceed? You can and should speak to them, nevertheless, you shouldn’t take their money. DNC wasn’t taking their money AFAICT, but mass media companies definitely were. This won’t have the same wall between advertising and news that publications routinely have (and I’m not totally trusting of that wall in any event).

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Media is screwing up. So talk to them, don’t take their money, and make mention of the concern if you are at a community forum sponsored by their money. Unrelated update: this MSNBC interview of the Khan family about their Muslim son’s sacrifice and Donald Trump is even more moving than the speech at the DNC. Related revise: sometimes equivalency isn’t fake. If asked to speak on the RT Network, you should point out on-air that it is a biased tool of the Russian federal government. I’m uncertain if there’s payment for appearances but taking RT’s profit return for appearing attacks me as a bad idea.

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