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The Beginning Of The Final End?

The Beginning Of The Final End?

ER-modeling tools and requirements have always been an issue. Interoperability and standardization have never been very strong here, resulting in expensive (but sometimes interesting) shut ecosystems and tooling applications. There will vary notations and strategies like Barker and Information Engineering, some tools support several notations while others adhere to one notation.

ER tools have prolonged the notation to different facets of information/data modeling and directories, so they could declare full support of the development cycle, even if this is not always what Chen got at heart when he developed ER modeling/diagramming. Transporting metadata from one tool to another is a costly endeavor always, specifically for not on basic metadata data of entities, keys, and attributes. Powerdesigner has Enterprise Architecture, UML, XML, ETL, BPM, and other notations under its roof, but product integration with 3rd party tools (except database platforms) is not that extensive.

However, integration into the SAP technology stack is likely to be fixed very quickly framework, allowing Business Objects, SAP HANA and other tools to combine into Powerdesigner. Like Mirko talked about, if you want to buy (more) powerdesigner (licenses) you may do it now (prior to the end of march). If not, plan B could need a good dusting off.

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As with Business Objects, SAP customers are faced with a fresh (expensive) tool from outside the SAP realm with that they have no experience. The current (non-SAP) customer bottom however must address the fact that their tool gets the most attention when integrating into the SAP ecosystem.

I don’t mind if this means that the building blocks of powerdesigner becomes better, but I fear a great deal of new advancements will be specific extensions for product integration, that might give rise to more issues rather than less. The continuing future of Powerdesigner, ER modeling, and database tools. The marketplace for data and data source diagramming is changing constantly.

I visit a commodization of data source development diagramming tools like Oracle SQL Developer or Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools. UML diagramming is becoming a product. As shown at the toolbar website: PD prices will go up indeed. Mirko Pawlak, it is merely to match the prices of the competition (although licensing techniques and functionality are difficult to complement).