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THE BEST Green Investment: Carbon Credit Investments

THE BEST Green Investment: Carbon Credit Investments

Carbon credits are a great investment. Even as we noted inside our previous post, GreenWorld’s carbon credit investment in Africa is very close to achieving official qualification because of its credits. Once this occurs, early investors could easily see profits of 100pc within the year. The African carbon credit investment was created to protect unique tropical rain forest in West Africa, which is about the most green and ethical investment in the socially responsible investing universe out there.

Despite its capability to generate large amount of free cashflow, Centurion Corporation Limited is still taking on huge amount of debts. This is because of its extreme growth strategy in expanding its accommodation business. It really is developing a few dormitories, that will only be functional in 2018. Thus, year during the next, the stock will almost certainly continue to take on more debts.

REIT Listing – My initial thoughts of reducing the total amount leverage in its financials, Centurion Corporation Limited can put up a REIT listing in SGX. However, further research demonstrates the stock wanted to propose a REIT listing in 2015. But it eventually pull out. It seems that there may be some road block ahead that prevents the stock from adding a REIT listing. Is there anyone who knows and can describe about “Chain Listing” in the announcement?

Tuas South Ave 9 Dormitory Expiring Soon – The stock actually will have a dormitory at Tuas South Ave 9 that will expire soon. Through the looks of the recent improvement in this industry, this lease may not be renewed. This will definitely impacted the income and net profit adversely.

Significant Additional Investment Properties – However the scorecard signifies that the business produces high Free Cash Flow, but it does not consider of the additional investment properties it invest in. If the excess investment properties is considered, the stock will produce negative free cashflow with an annual basis.

Thus, Price to Free Cash Flow will instead become negative. Unclear in Occupancy Rate in Overseas Business – Despite understanding that the Singapore Business has a high occupancy rate, I have already been unable to find out the occupancy rate in the overseas businesses. Despite failing both scorecards, I was prepared to invest in this stock mainly due to its financial moat and business model.

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However, its extreme growth strategy and significant leverage has been deterring me to purchase it. After all, it isn’t like Fraser Centrepoint Ltd that has methods to decrease the leverage significantly. Furthermore, Centurion Corporation Limited will definitely require to leverage more in the next 1 or 2 2 years. To answer my initial question, I have almost certainly ignored this fill up to 2 months ago, because of its high leverage. Thus, my view is that at the current overall economy and price situation, I am unwilling to take on the risk included.

Furthermore, the chance cost is high now as the money can be placed to raised use by averaging down a few of the good solid stocks in my portfolio or purchase other blue potato chips. Do remember that if the share price continue steadily to drop I may still purchase this stock. But that will be for future years. For those who are interested to comprehend and find out more about the Enhanced Triple S Scorecard with the Dividend Scorecard Portion, you can come for the 4th Sharing Session with T.U.B! If you’re interested to wait, do not be reluctant to get hold of me straight.

25.00 package of pennies to see for ourselves. 25.00 container of pennies, strangely enough, included 2,500 coins. Of these, three were Canadian one-cent items and one was a five-cent piece from Latvia. 21 pieces were unreadable (protected in unidentified growths and chemicals). Curiously, 42 were from 1982, the year the changeover occurred (some were produced with 95% copper plus some were only 2.5%). So out of our box of 2,500, we’re able to only count number 2,433 (97%) of them.