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The Feminist Pro-Woman Line

The Feminist Pro-Woman Line

The Pro-Woman Line sought to clarify contradictory behavior. For instance, feminists applied it to makeup and other beauty standards. The “anti-woman” argument was that women take part in their own oppression by wearing makeup, uncomfortable clothes, girdles, or high-heeled shoes. The Pro-Woman Line said that women aren’t at fault; they just do what they have to do in a world that creates impossible beauty criteria. If women are treated better when they wear makeup, and are told they look sick when not wearing makeup, a female who wears makeup to work will not create her own oppression. She actually is doing what society requires of her to succeed.

So 1 day, I packed my pro package, placed them in storage, delisted myself in wedding provider directories, and transitioned out silently. I never made a formal announcement because I thought why enhance the drama that i was avoiding to begin with? With the influx too of newer, younger, and much more affordable makeup performers, I used to be anyway bound to be forgotten.

Thankfully, I wasn’t very bored stiff and unemployed. There were also times that I’d take my things out of storage space because friends and past clients would hire me to get their makeup done. I was thankful that my job as a yoga instructor kept me occupied. Weekly There have been weeks which i was teaching around 5 classes.

The students joked that no day is complete if they do not see me in the yoga studio. I began eating better because my creative energies were focused on my food prepping that i sometimes shared in my blog. However, quickly my blog took a rest too. Blogger drama of course!

Allergic ako sa real-life dilemma. I was already following 5 telenovelas and Game of Thrones already (LOL). It had been an extremely welcome change for me personally actually and psychologically. No withdrawals. I was so thankful that I got so occupied and life found a way for my energy to be diverted to something positive. Had I experienced a lull I would have been so bitter and furious probably. Here is a weekend visit at Ilog Maria Honeybee farm, and cuddling their kitties. Despite the fact that I made a formal announcement never, A handful was told by me of people of my self-imposed retirement which got mixed reactions.

Some accepted my decision. A whole lot were saddened. The first thing a lot of individuals asked was “What exactly are you going to do with all your equipment?” I wasn’t really considering them. They were just things. I did so give some away, though. AFTER I get asked what my things were doing I would say, They’re just there.

Sometimes I’d use them on myself (hence my task pan) but most of the time I wouldn’t since I was almost always gym mode. It emerged to the idea I’d get so irritated when someone would tell me I’m back the game when I would post an image. It had been like informing me to consider that toxic partner because we look so sweet in Instagram collectively back again.

  • Be situated in sunny areas including some blowing wind breaks
  • Occupational permit
  • Always start painting from the tiny finger and other fingers then move to the thumb
  • Nail polishes (4 tones)
  • By Buffy Silverman
  • For beautiful locks, let a child run his / her fingertips through it once a day

I started unsubscribing from makeup brand e-mail lists so I do not get enticed to buy. What I experienced then was that I experienced my spirit was broken and I just wanted to cure. I had to get out, detox, and take time off. As of the moment, I knew it would later on be a permanent thing.

Slowly, I had been like panindigan ko na and took my absence further and deleted the facet of beauty in all my social media accounts (even put ex-MUA in case you guys didn’t notice). I was relieved just. I could breathe better. I didn’t do this for anyone. I had to do this for myself. Manghinayang na ang global world with the talent I devote retirement.