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Elegance And Beauty

Elegance And Beauty

Elegance And Beauty 1

My desire for the Warm Autumn reds is ‘full golf swing’ as I’m experimenting with some new and old/respected lipsticks. 1. I adore this lipstick! One of the good reasons that I love it so much is not just the color, but which I was unveiled to it in Paris. In fact, a YSL makeup artist at the Gallery Lafayette suggested it to me as my best true red.

It’s interesting to me that it’s the perfect match to the reds in my own Warm Autumn palette! The Parisians know their red lipstick! A very important factor that I must say I love about the YSL lipstick is just how silky they feel resistant to the lips. I feel that I’m not using any lipstick! It’s just a ‘chic’ lipstick – from the packaging, to the texture, to the look!

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  • Shannon Greene, Customer Development Team Lead
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  • One laugh can’t change the world however your laugh changes mine mug
  • The tea tree smell is prominent in the rinse, which you might not find satisfying
  • The makeup must diverge for the various wedding functions

I love donning the NARS Matte Liners! First, they become a lipstick on their own, however, they are the most practical mixing/mixing coloring also. I look forward to experimenting with this color and mixing in a variety of other Warm Autumn shades. To generate this look, I didn’t just focus on the lips. I also wished to balance out the lip with a simple smokey eye makeup impact. I commenced with my basic face – I used the loreal true match concealer and basis in W 4-5. Then I applied MAC Coppertone blushes.

I started the attention makeup look with MAC Amber Lights put on the lid into the crease. I then used Laura Mercier Brown Copper eyeliner and smudged a deep golden brown shade into the liner (from the too-experienced natural attention palette). I completed the look with a swipe of mascara.

You will observe that the color itself likes awful, which is very tacky if you put your mouth together. That is why it’s advocated part your lips until you are finished. Apply a level of gloss. Re-apply gloss during the day as needed. This is the barrier between your color and the outside world – it will maintain your color from smudging on anything! I tried out LipSense over a workday.

You will discover in my video at the top of this post how I applied three layers of Plum, along with one coating of Glossy Gloss. Now, this is only my second time putting it on, and it’s definitely not perfect. I did make a few flaws in putting on, breaking the rule about using one fluid motion to use layers, and not exceeding a level until it is dried.

Oh, well, live and find out. I thought from the videos I’ve seen of young ladies rubbing their lip area because of their hands – and then displaying you that no color got changed – that the gloss on top of the color must be dry out as well. However, it doesn’t dry whatsoever! Which I think is more suitable, really. I hate my mouth feeling dry out.