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MAY I Emulate A Bluetooth Keyboard With My Android Device?

MAY I Emulate A Bluetooth Keyboard With My Android Device?

MAY I Emulate A Bluetooth Keyboard With My Android Device? 1

Android device as a keypad or mouse on your PlayStation 3 3. The app, BlueputDroid, has been released in beta form and allows your phone’s display to be used as a cursor and digital or physical keyboard to input text message. This app could be used for your PC also, for the ones that really want the most from their device(s). Either way, it could save you quite a bit of money on buying wireless input devices for your playthings (provided they have Bluetooth and are backed). A restricted number of devices supported at present but it’s being actively developed so something to keep an eye on even if it generally does not cover your device right now.

Promising, but the reviews are not looking good. Current lack of Windows support is a problem for some, but this is the someone to watch. It generally does not offer you a complete keyboard, it’s designed more as a remote for cellular presenting or sound/video settings, etc. (much like older SonyEricsson feature cell phones, e.g. the K- vor W-series did).

It seems inactive at the moment (last release from 2010) which is not in the play store. I’ve not tried it myself but PRemoteDroid states it works over Bluetooth. Use your telephone as a remote control device (like GMote) for your computer over-Wifi and Bluetooth! As an email, this seems to require the managed PC side operate a server application.

  • Exercise: Influence view design at runtime
  • Finish the others operations relating to prompts
  • Online tutorial videos
  • Go to the Security tabs and select Edit
  • What are some good things you can do before you copyright your projects? Select all of that apply
  • Auto set up all service same like as your supplier’s server
  • Does not require internet connection for it to work
  • Click on “Let me pick from a list of device motorists on my computer”

Yep, looks that way:/ My other answer is apparently the best chance of getting this working – will attempt and give it a go tonight. You could download TeamViewer for Android and then download TeamViewer Portable (scroll down some). In this manner you could run TeamViewer from your USB drive and never have to set it up and then connect with TeamViewer for Android. I have used it for connecting to my home computer and download some data files – it works great on my EVO.

Edit – I couldn’t wait to check it out so I offered it a shot. It works pretty much but you can only just access the main display (can’t point things out with the mouse on a second display). Also I had a need to enable the “Presenter View” so that I possibly could click the “Next” arrow because the demonstration was on the supplementary display. Android on-screen keyboard, which was used for this also.

I can confidently send you to my very own app, AndroidRC. It works for many Android devices with all Windows PC OS variations (proven, stable, minor bugs not included..). The questioner expressly said that he didn’t want to install any software on the PC. Promoting your own application is fine on this site, but only when it’s highly relevant to the question. Thanks for contributing a remedy to Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange!