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Here are some of the changes we made to Google Sites in September. Search is close to and dear to our hearts (for apparent reasons), so we added stemming and synonym support to Google sites search lately. Stemming helps improve search results by expanding the results of a query to add other popular types of what searched.

Your “my sites” list includes all the websites where you are explicitly named as an owner, collaborator, or viewers. When you search from the “my sites” web page, we now include site names and descriptions for the reason that search. Near the top of your search results, links are highlighted for sites with coordinating site site or names explanations. As before, results below this “one-box” are for pages or attachments with content that matched your search. Linking between pages is a critical part of building and preserving a website or wiki.

We recently redesigned our hyperlink picker to make it easier to find a full page. By default we come back the most recent webpages you updated or created. You’ll be amazed with how often this returns the page you want. There’s a second tab that lists the most recent site changes.

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If the web page you are looking for wasn’t recently changed, there is a new quick search that can help you find the web page you are hunting for. While we were at it, we also added an option to open the hyperlink in a new window. Your site description is automatically included as an explanation meta-tag now. For public sites, the text from a description meta-tag might be utilized by some search engines in the search result snippets. Creating a good description for your site can make it easier for people to understand what your site if it appears browsing results.

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