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Beauty In Mahogany

Beauty In Mahogany

Particularly through the hot, steamy times of Dallas summertime, I don’t especially care for wearing makeup of any sort. Not basis, not natural powder, not blush — nothing. It worked well well for me when I resided in Grand Junction, Colorado, but Dallas, however, can be considered a pretty demanding, high-maintenance kinda town for girls, especially professional women. Even the creative artiste types have a tendency to here decorate over. No paint-splashed smocks in public areas, please.

We have a rep to protect. I reviewed a few of Paula Begoun’s Paula’s Choice skincare range yesterday and absolutely love love love the merchandise. They’re super-light and make my pores and skin feel so smooth and well-nourished. A touch of lipstick and/or gloss, and I’m out the door. The sample I received was in a nice little black container and was enough for at least two applications. It glided on well and ingested quickly, and the color (Sheer Beige) was quite close to my skintone, albeit a wee bit darker. I would try another lighter color, Sheer Neutral, the next time.

Still, it isn’t the perfect solution which i was (foolishly?) expecting it might be. I imagine someday possessing a base or tint that would provide the kind of sheer coverage that isn’t apparent to anyone who doesn’t know me. I’ve pretty decent skin, but I’m 37 and also have got acne problems before, and with my brown complexion — scars — I could use a little of coverage easily.

Paula’s Choice Barely There Sheer Matte Tint is a decent option, but B. (that would be my husband) explained that it does tend to settle a bit across the cheek areas when I smile. I don’t view it myself, but I needed to see it in shiny probably, natural light. It can provide a good matte end, but by mid-morning my nose was shinier than typical, so if your skin layer will the oily aspect you definitely will want to bring a powder or at least blotting bed sheets. The sunscreen is great, with both titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, so this might work for someone with delicate skin.

  • Acute Urticaria (hives)
  • Should everyone be eating a gluten-free diet
  • 4 drops of tea tree essential oil
  • A poultice can be made by using 20-30% of witch hazel in semi-solid arrangements

Paula’s Choice offers four shades: Sheer Beige, Sheer Neutral, Sheer Ivory, and Sheer Fair, and the website highlights that since it’s supposed to be sheer, the tones are designed to suit all epidermis tones. Still, you might like to try samples of a couple of different shades to try out their look on your skin layer.

Since they are sheer, if you rely on this tint solely for your sun security, you will have to level it on in order to get the full effect. Otherwise you’ll need additional sunscreen. If you have oily skin like I do, the fewer products you have onto it, the better, so make sure you have a good match to enable you to apply a generous amount. Bottom line: Good option for individuals who don’t like basis but still want some sheer coverage, plus the added bonus of a high SPF sunscreen. Priced Bargain, great shipping. Samples are offered, which you should definitely take advantage of, especially if you’re going to be buying other products from Paula’s Choice anyhow.

First, we can discern characteristics of God’s beauty from descriptions of his nature. Divine characteristics such as holiness, purity, reason, harmony, order, balance, goodness, majesty, splendor, righteousness, and loveliness provide the qualities that people should take pleasure in and emulate. Second, since God’s own handiwork shows his beauty, we may turn to characteristics within creation to determine standards of beauty. Romans 1:20 tells us that God’s invisible attributes, such as his attribute of beauty, may be perceived in creation.

Third, since God telephone calls certain man-made creations beautiful in Scripture, we may utilize them as models for what’s beautiful. When considering both God’s beautiful creative works and the ongoing works of man to which God ascribes beauty, theologians have long categorized absolute standards of beauty into three groupings: (1) order, (2) proportion, and (3) radiance.